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About Us

When you are in need of money, you should get it. Daily Loan is a credit matching service provider of UK established to provide you with the much needed short term payday loans matching solution from direct lenders. Direct lenders are responsible and supportive as well. Hence at Daily Loan we are looking forward to serve your purpose and ensure your satisfaction.

The main objective behind the initiation of Daily Loan was to make the concept of cash loans online matching more transparent and dependable. Daily Loan has made its operations such that the process of cash loans online matching is clear to the borrowers and direct lenders are adherent to their responsibilities.

Daily Loan has successfully worked upon to achieve the aforementioned objective by making its policies clear to the borrowers so that they are aware of the features and related Terms & Conditions of fast payday loans UK. It is important to note that at Daily Loan, we only work as a credit matcher. We do not guarantee the approval of the applied short term payday loans amount. It is upon the direct lenders of Daily Loan to decide whether to approve a loan application or not.

Daily Loan would also like to put it forward that fast payday loans UK should not be considered as steady financial solutions. Direct lenders have a number of short term payday loans options with the maximum amount being £1500. Direct lenders also have a varied range of repayment period with the maximum time being 180 days.

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