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Daily Loan is your intimate online loan agency for finding you the right direct lender to provide you with the most suitable cash advance loans solution as per your need. Our loan facilitation network is a source of the most reliable and dynamic payday lenders of UK. Our network boasts the most amazing cash advance loans solutions at their disposal for you. Availing our service is absolutely free for you, if you meet the required eligibility criteria. This clearly shows how much we care about your financial problems. Our linear approach is aimed to make it easy and convenient for you just like our Application Form which enables you to get in touch with the most suitable direct lender of cash advance loans as per your need. This is indeed going to help you out in the time of financial crisis. Our system is customized to such high levels that it is able to manage your application and get you to the suitable direct lender in real time. You would get money fast into your account depending on the loan processing terms of your bank once your application for a payday loan has been approved. It is possible that you will get the loan amount in minutes.

A Quick Observation

We at Daily Loan have designed a system which has a specific, smooth and protected process for generating and processing loan applications. This state of the art cash advance loans application facilitation process enables you to get in touch with the best fit direct lenders and have the best cash advance loans features to offer. You can get money fast and rid of your sudden financial crisis by simply filling out our easy Application Form and follow the given convenient instructions which will get you the much needed payday loan from our direct lenders. You will get money fast and the amount will be transferred to your bank account in the same day by direct lender once your loan application has been approved by the respective lenders. At times the transfer of the loan amount might be done within a few minutes.

Evaluating Your Application

At Daily Loan we are keen to maintain a standard of service which will treat everyone with the same level of importance. This urge has got us in touch with lenders who share a similar point of view and were eager to become our affiliates. Thus an affiliation was formed which was aimed to operate with the maximum level of sensibility and responsibility. As a result of this, direct lenders are very serious about analyzing and verifying all cash advance loans application made. This is done to make sure that the willing borrower has the eligibility to payback the complete loan amount within the given deadline. Otherwise, in the case of a borrower failing to make the payment within the deadline, it will result in getting the borrower into further burdens of debt. Things might worsen if the nonpayment results in bad credit ratings. Download our Responsible Lending Code of Practice/Charter here.

Amount to Borrow and Time to Payback

Our associated lenders have a wide variety of alternatives for you to get fitted in once you have availed our credit matching service of payday loans. As a willing borrower, you will be able to select loan amounts up to £1000 as per your requirement and eligibility. According to our lender’s Terms & Conditions you will get alternatives for the repayment time as well which expands up to 180 days. Please note that the complete amount of repayment will vary in accordance with the amount borrowed, the payback time and the Terms & Conditions of direct lender.

Getting your Loan Amount in your Account

Once your loan application has been approved you would get money fast from direct lender which would be disbursed into your bank account. It is likely that the amount will be deposited into your bank account within the same day in a few minutes. However, to get money fast or the loan disbursement procedure is also dependent to the Terms & Conditions of your respective bank. It might be possible that your respective bank does not support “Faster Payments”. In such a case it might take longer for the payment to be settled. It is also probable that your bank will charge you extra fees for the transaction. At Daily Loan, to get money fast we suggest that you should solicit with your respective bank about the Terms & Conditions it operates under before you as a borrower apply for a loan from direct lenders using our credit matching service.

Reasonable Interest Rate

Dependent on their respective Terms & Conditions, the payday lenders of Daily Loan have set up a varied range of APR. It is recommended that you develop a clear concept about the respective APR and Terms & Conditions of the direct lender once your loan application has been approved.


Payday Loan
Instalment Loan
Example Representative APR 5405%
(subject to Lender’s Terms & Conditions)
Example Representative APR 435%
(subject to Lender’s Terms & Conditions)