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Daily Loan is a reliable cash advance loan processing system based in UK. This loan solutions platform is specifically developed for the people with bad credit who could not acquire typical financial support during the time of unexpected monetary shortage. We consider ourselves as sensible financial entity and realize our ethical commitment with our consumers and only suggest them credit from responsible loan providers from associated direct lenders who provide online loan solutions all over UK.


You would be able to find the best suited short term cash advance loan using our service, according to your requirements and get money fast into your account from the direct lender. We are not direct lender; hence we do not provide loans directly to the borrowers. You can apply for a payday loans online UK by filling out our fast and straightforward application form. Our sophisticated loan solutions platform would process your request and find you the payday lender for you in real time. Once you have completed all the necessary procedure and get the loan approval, it would take less than few minutes to get money fast into your bank account.


If you are in need of some emergency cash then apply for installment loans or payday loans online in UK using our easy loan processing platform. You will get money fast into your account once your loan has been approved.


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Implications of Non-Payment

When you apply for an instant cash advance using our loan solutions service and your loan has been approved, you would get money fast into your account and it is expected from you to repay within the due date. However, the loan providers of Daily Loan acknowledge the fact that, in very few cases it might not be possible for you to pay them back within the provided deadline. In situations when you fail to make your repayment within the deadline, you might be held liable to late fees. Furthermore, our lending partners might communicate with you by phone, email or letter. Bad credit records and respective legal actions can be implemented by the lending company if you are engaged with continuous no repayment for payday loans in UK.

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Renewal or Extension Policy

When you obtain payday loans online UK using our loan solutions, you would get money fast and without any hassle into your bank account. Due to any unforeseen reason if you become unable to repay within agreed time then you can decide to extend your repayment period. In such a case, you will be required to inform directly the lender in advance from whom you’ve got the loan. According to the terms and conditions of the direct lender, you will be held liable for an extension if you are involved in non-repayment. Please note additional charges might apply according to lending policy of different lenders and you should read through the lender’s terms & conditions carefully before confirming a loan.

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Direct lenders follow a rollover policy which pretty close to the extension policy. Direct lenders do not encourage rollovers. It is suggested that if you are willing to go for a rollover then you should notify direct lenders in advance. We consider ourselves as a responsible financial establishment and follow the loan processing system accordingly. We believe that potential borrowers should not be encouraged to avail a fast loan if they are in any type of financial complexity; and our financial advice page demonstrates how to borrow responsibly. Remember that short term cash advance loans should never be obtained except you are sure you can repay the loan including interest, within the initial loan period.

Wealth Warning

It is not a matter of consideration that payday loans online UK are permanent option for being an economic solution. The method of these loan solutions were introduced to give monetary assistance to people to deal with their short term financial problems. It is suggested that you should seek consultation of a specialized counselor for finance in case you are in need of long term loan solutions.


Loan disbursement and to get money fast is subject to lender’s terms & condition and the borrower’s bank. The borrower would get money fast if his or her bank supports fast payment process. It is suggested that the borrowers payback the full borrowed amount to direct payday loan lender. This is better to be done within the provided deadline and in case the borrower is not capable of paying back the borrowed amount within the deadline then the direct payday loan lender can implement a secondary repayment procedure. However, in this case, the borrower has to notify the direct lender in advance. * The secondary payment procedure is a process where the borrower obtains the opportunity to repay his or her loan amount allowing to diminish the loan in terms of installment. Under this method the borrower pays a portion of his principal amount in addition to the interest.


"Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to "".