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Instalment loans allow residents of the UK with an incredible offer for short term loans to eliminate debt through monthly payments rather than a onetime payoff amount. It’s the ease of payout which makes it the most effective and financial option.

instalment loans

Payday loan borrowers may not be familiar with instalment loans in the UK. Instalment loans are one of the options of personal consumer credit almost similar to short term cash advance. They are a form of short term loan option available to residents which is repayable over a certain period of time. Instalment loans are provided to borrowers to be repaid in instalments over a certain period of time instead of in one single payment. Its advantage is that it is not to be repaid at once. Rather, instalment loans are repaid in a number of payments over an extended period of time. It is the most suitable option for consumers who require a larger amount.It is particularly beneficiary to those with bad credit requiring a cash advance for a significantly longer period of time. An applicant can obtain short term cash advance up to £1000 for their emergency need. You can make repayment within a maximum of six - 6 months.

We offer instalment loans starting from £500 to £1000 for UK residents over the age of 18. It is mandatory that applicants are currently employed! Or have a stable source of earning to be eligible for short term cash advance in UK. There are flexible repayment options for borrowers starting from a minimum 30 days and a maximum 180 days (six months).


Short term instalment loan is available from us as three - 3 month loans which allow consumers to get temporary financial assistance to bounce back into financial normalcy. Instalment loans online provide consumers with a dependable option that is easily available online. It is one of the most effective options to resolve their needs with emergency cash loans. You will be able to pay back the money comfortably using easy monthly instalment payments over three - 3 months. Instalment cash advances are the perfect solutions for those who are unable meet their demands through small payday loans.


Daily Loan offers the best of short term cash advance for consumers. Do you require a significant amount of time to become financially stable? The six - 6 month loans service allows consumers to benefit from a longer term period. The substantially longer duration for using the short term cash advance allows them to meet their needs. The easy instalments are spread evenly across the duration of the agreement in monthly payments. The smooth online process makes it easy to access, process, and use by the borrowers. The borrower is pre-informed of the total repayable amount at the end of the agreement. You can take advantage by making the same recurring monthly payment until full repayment. This will not put any extra pressure on your existing expenses and help you to repay.


The instalment loans application form is an online process. The online application requires no paperwork. It is completely hassle-free. With only a few minutes required for completion and decision is provided immediately. Approved borrowers will receive their money on the same day through online banking transfer. The consumer will get money into their personal bank account provided during application.

Daily Loan operates business with over 29 responsible direct lenders. This ensures that applicants have a higher likelihood of approval from one of the several lenders. There are no fees for matching an applicant with an offer from one of our reputed direct lenders. We perform a moderate credit assessment on each application. This makes certain that they can afford a short term cash advance. Also, their monthly earnings are taken into consideration.

We are emerging to be an established financial services provider in UK. We guarantee responsible lending practices for the safety and security of consumers. Our moderate assessment through credit check is in accordance to government laws. We evaluate applicants based on their earnings. It makes certain that approved borrowers can afford their cash advance. Our eligibility criteria ensure that applicants are responsible decision makers. We take full responsibility for the confidentiality of their personal information which is provided while using our online services.

Apply now for an instalment loan in UK. We are here for you. Resolve your financial instability.


We offer two distinctive consumer credit options. This offer is for consumers to meet their varying needs.



Payday Loans onlineareprovided in small amount for short period of time

Obtain larger amounts for a longer time

To be repaid in one single repayment

To be repaid in equal monthly instalments

Short term solution

Significantly longer duration

Available from £100 to £400

Available from £500 to £1000

Repay in 7 days, 14 days, 21 days, or 28 days

Repay in 30, 60, 90, 120, 150, or 180 days


Instalment loan is an alternative to short term cash advance. This is designed specifically to suit the various needs of consumers. Also, consumers with bigger credit necessities for a longer time period are most suitable. We recognize that consumers may require a large amount of money for home repair, car repair, among other sudden necessities. In such an urgent hour of need, our services can be an instant solution. No hassle, no paperwork and no credit check necessary! Money will be deposited at an instant. Our services allow consumers to benefit with an alternative to short term loans in the UK by availing an incredible cash advance. Short term cash advance is not the most suitable option if you are in need for a large amount of money. Apply now to get an instalment loan from us to meet your urgent needs. Read our Terms and Conditions to learn more.


Our loan matching services are in compliance to the Financial Conduct Authority. Consumer information is protected by the Data Protection Act. We recommend the National Debt Line for permanent debt solution. Daily Loan is a responsible consumer financial service institution. We provide reliable information and recommendation to UK residents. You should make well-informed decisions reflecting upon your individual financial circumstances. Our service is designed to provide temporary relief to residents struggling with financial shortages.


Payday Loan
Instalment Loan
Example Representative APR 5405%
(subject to Lender’s Terms & Conditions)
Example Representative APR 435%
(subject to Lender’s Terms & Conditions)

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