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Privacy Policy

Your personal information

Daily Loan is committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of your personal details and information. We also take extra precaution in ensuring that all the information we have on file about you is accurate, correct and secure. We follow the guidelines and regulations put forth by the Data Protection Act of 1998 and we are registered as Data Controllers with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Where We Store Your Personal Information

All of the personal information you provide us is stored and kept secure on our website which has secure servers. It is reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure that it remains accurate and current. We will not keep your personal information longer than necessary and we abide by the timeframe enacted by the Data Protection Act.

Countries located within the European Economic Area, otherwise known as the EEA are required by law to have a comparable standard of protection of identifying and/or personal data. We may transfer personal information beyond the EEA, but will ensure that prior to doing so that there is sufficient protection as required by the Data Protection legislation. is owned by a company in the UK, which goes by the name of Esyleads Limited. On occasion customer information will be transmitted in a secure manner to our systems, which are accessed by Esyleads Limited. This is done in order to audit services as well as analyze data.

Our company, Esyleads Limited has been certified by the UK Consumer Credit Act and Data Protection Act. These acts ensure that all information/data transmitted to or accessed by only authorized entity and it will be handled in an appropriate, secure and safe manner.

Affiliated Direct Lenders and Credit Reference Agencies

We will use the details obtained about you to investigate files by our affiliated direct lenders and their credit reference agencies in order to assess credit worthiness or manage your account.

One of the precautionary steps we take during the application process is to verify the information you provided against the records of credit reference agencies and fraud prevention agencies. This is done in order to prevent fraud and money laundering. In addition, your lender might also forward these details to such agencies to notify them about the details of the loan, including performance and payment history and if it is suspected or discovered that fraud has taken place on your account.

Access to info by customer

You reserve the right to obtain a copy of your information, if you provide us with written notice. Please note that a small fee will be due upon your request. Unfortunately, we do not provide you with a copy of your credit reference file or the details that has been contained by your lender/s.

We will cooperate with any organization that contacts us, since this is required by law. This may or may not entail forwarding details/information about you.

Using Your Information for Marketing Purposes

By supplying us with information via our website, when you apply for a loan, you are giving us permission to use your details/information. Your information may be used to inform you about products or services from us or our affiliates that may be of interest to you.

Please note that we may disclose your information to them for marketing purposes, analysis, or so that they may contact you regarding their products and services.

By providing us your details/information, you are giving us consent to share your information with such companies, so that they may contact you by email, phone and text message or in writing to discuss their products or services, which may also include those regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA), mortgages, re-mortgages, etc. We may also forward your personal details/information to marketing/research companies as a way to customize services or products that we offer.

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